Sunday, May 04, 2008

Puddles everywhere!!!!!

...and I'm not referring to the inches of rain we had the last couple days. I may NOT have my month at the beach. There is a tiny slim chance it may start late, as the judge may decide in favor of the renters for this year getting what they were promised. The husband is trying to declare the cottage as his 'residence'. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I got over my frumps and got on with things. In the last post I mentioned the block lotto contest and boo-hoo- I didn't win that, either. And that was in spite of the fact that a whole bunch of the ladies offered their block chances to us newbies. I am sending my blocks out accordingly and starting to work on the next month's design. I LOVE that new design as it involves green and purple- my faves! I already have one in the making from our quilt retreat last Nov, 2007. that came out bigger than I expected. I think it will fit our daybed, even. Here is a shot of the top...

Again meanwhile, I am finally inspired to start my 'little quilt swap' quilt, as we have until the first of July, and I know how I am. Gotta get going, or I will be frantically pushing something together and not happy with the results.

Here is a pic of the parts - so far...

Got a clue as to where I'm headed??

Here are my first two blocks of the anniversary quilt for last year. I came in at the very end and thought this is great, do one a month. Only I am starting it six months later and doing more than one at a time. But this took a good deal longer than I expected. I rippppppped and ripppppped out parts as I tried to figure out which direction I was supposed to be sewing them together. I have never done a sampler like this and at this rate it will take a couple years to get JUST the squares done. Here they are hanging in front of me for motivation.

Now to get back to work on the 'parts'.

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katelnorth said...

No idea where you are going with it yet, but I like the colours for the ALQS quilt. I also really like the left hand block for the About anniversary quilt - I don't want to make the whole quilt, but I might have to do that block!