Monday, May 05, 2008

Spring has SPRUNG 'n' the grass has rizin'

...AND THERE IS NO DOUBT WHERE THE FLOWERS IZN! I got out in the yard with the camera and thought I'd share some of the best shots on my blog with you. Here is Maggie 'in flight' as I was taking a pic of the cute little 'butterfly bath' I picked up at a craft show last year. It's a teacup upside down with a bit of rafia and little glass stones in the saucer to sparkle and keep the water too deep supposedly for the butterflies to land and take a sip.

Maggie just loves it when we are out in the yard with her. We got one of those electric units that gives her a little shock to keep her in her 'circle' She does so well with it I can leave a door open and let her come and go as she wishes. She comes in to check on me and then pops out again. But now I'm working in the yard and keeping her company.

Here is a shot of my first year with this flowering almond. I planted it last year but don't consider it really mine 'til it makes it though it's first winter. It's blooming great in spite of Maggie finding it just the right height to nibble on. She actually bit off a blossom and settled in the grass to munch on it. shiish!

I took my annual shot of my garden shed and it needs work. The flower box rotted off and left a bare spot under the window. And the clock and thermometer don't work anymore and hardly show under the ivy. I LOVE how the ivy is creeping over everywhere. So the clock and thermo go and the ivy stays. But gets trimmed when it gets carried away. Each year it got a little better as I made improvements. It looked so barren when it first arrived, but now it fits right into the yard scheme and color of the house. After this last year, though, it got a bit tattered and needs an uplift. Now I am finding the energy to do just that.

My DH put in the cinder block patio and stairs and built the lattice for the ivy. I need to refresh the paint and I think I will paint the door that pinky purple you can see on the milk cans at the side.

OOPs, it's supper time and I have to post this and go!


blackbearcabin said...

Wow...your garden is GORGEOUS!!! Im only just beginning to see green in mine :( We have a short growing season...but i do love it while its here!
Im also participating in Kate's ALQS swap, and just wanted to pop in and say hello!
happy day!

mill said...

Wow your garden shed and garden is very pretty. I love the white and the blue!