Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Three more going out!

This was a fun one. I had a small scrap of these funny-looking creatures and a square of patch from a quilt and put them together with the red/purple scrap. Voila! Clowns in space!!

Then I went into my purples stash and got 'petals' picked out for the big flowers in this. Similar technique in the sunflower postcard. Love my purples.....

Last, but certainly not least, is more purples-only fishy. And that cool teal print that reminded me of seaweed. There is a lady in the postcard swap who likes fishes, and she inspired me to think in this direction.

So these three are off in the mail this morning. I had a small wall quilt to mail for the Fund-raiser for breast cancer, and a box of knitted squares for "Close-Knit Hugs", so I had to stop at the P.O. While I was doing that, I asked her about those three postcards and she didn't see they would have any trouble going through--and she liked them! That made my day, and I am off to make some more...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Postcards starting to fly!

Got a second one finished with the apple theme. I actually have a 'series' going. That feels real professional--LOL! I'm always impressed with the talented folk who have a wonderful theme going in a whole group of cards.

Speaking of groups---Ta Dah...I sent my first NINE postcards off in the mail. One of them is going as far away as England. Rather nervous about all of them making it in one piece. I'm trusting reports from many swappers that they all do.

Keeping this short, as I have a couple more ideas for continuing some more 'series' cards.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Allzheimers Quilt

Took a break from the postcards to make a slightly larger (9"x12")one for the Allzheimers fund raiser at this nice site...
At my age, it is something that worries me just a bit most of the time, and quite a lot when I do something really forgetful and dumb!!
This was a fun try with free-motion quilting on my machine. Had to change colors quite a few times and could probably do it in my sleep now. It's kinda semi-abstract and I had fun doing it. I can only hope it raises a bit of money for the nice folks who are going through all the trouble to do this great thing for the research.

Here is a close up of "The Chase"

Now back to my postcards. I have so many ideas my fingers can't keep up with my brain. Think maybe I better start writing myself some notes.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tea for Two postcard

Got another one finished. These are parts left over from a neat set of placemats and coasters I put together from a kit. I loved the materials.
As I am a totally tea drinker (truly don't like coffee, not even in icecream!!!) I thought it was a great theme for a postcard for someone with the same liking.

Today the list came through for the postcard swap from Art2Mail. I'm so excited. We even have some folks from Austrailia and New Zealand. And my Timtex I ordered from Ebay arrived this morning too. I'm ready to get stitchin'!!

The Timtex folks suggested the use of a glue stick instead of fusible webbing. They mentioned the best was the one that goes on purple and then disapears. I have been using my spray for larger quilts, as I didn't have any Wonder-under on hand. The spray does and okay job, but you have to protect the area and hope you don't get the glue where you don't want it to be. I like the idea of the glue stick, and intend to get some tomorrow when I go grocery shopping. Stop & Shop has a mini department store in it, and a good selection of stationery goods, and crayons, pencils and stuff like that, so I hope they have the glue sticks.

Now the only thing left to arrive is the pigma pen set I ordered. Then the postcards will be flying and the post office won't know what hit them!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sister postcards

So of course after I succeeded in sending and getting back my first postcard, I had to make some for my sisters to keep.
This Teddy bear dancer is for my sis Carolyn who loves her bears. I don't know if you can tell, but there is a sparkly yarn around the edge that gives a very delicate fringe to the card. Hope the post office can handle it!

Apples are the collectors item of my sister Sheila's eye. And she has a very tiny apartment so will appreciate the smallness of her new piece of art, I hope!The dragonfly is a close-up to the full size below...

You can also see I am having a fun time using those fancy stitches on the sewing machine. Thought those little round circles kinda looked like apples in the tree.

Sister Barbara loves yellow and has sunflowers as the kitchen theme in her home. So of course I had to give them a try. I really like this one. It was fun doing the freehand stitching on my machine. I always wanted to try, but haven't been that brave about it. This makes it easy as the project is only 4"by 6", so if I blow it, I can just throw it!!
In the close up, I hope you can tell I used different material for the petals of the flower and had fun trying that blanket stitch on the deep brown middle circle of it. I am really liking these threads of 100% cotton I got from Connecting Threads (www.connectingthreads.com) Went to buy some more and found everybody else loved their new line too. You can't get more til July, and a big apology, (and probably very happy faces doing way big orders to the thread makers behind the scenes.--thread makers doing the happy dance!!!)

There we go for today, and more to come tomorrow.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Postcard Quilt Art

Well, I finally got one done! Have been hearing about them, and then saw some great examples, then actually got a blogger account of how to make one. So here is my first try at little postcard-sized quilting.

I love big cats and all animals jungle... so I went for the lion on my first card. I picked up remnants for the fancy materials used. Stuff I could never use in a bed type quilt. A gold shear, a satin with small bits of glitter, and gold threads for accent. That is the fun of these great cards. I sent it to my sister in a nearby town so that she can give it back to me, and I can check out how well it traveled.

The second in my jungle "series"--a zebra and great black and whites. The red is on a very fine black mesh netting I put over the entire card. And the red stitches are a chance to find out what my Janome sewing machine can do with all those fancy settings.

This close-up may show the mesh, but my 63-year old hands aren't as steady as they used to be.
Here is a scenic abstract- kinda!

Anyone out there that wants to swap, please comment and put your email address in the comment. I will get back to you and give you my snail mail addy for a swap. Looking to get one from every state--I'm Connecticut.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Here is the softest throw I ever made. It is flannel on the pieced side and regular cloth on the backing. That white flannel is the softest flannel I have ever purchased.

Just loved the whole results... Had a hard time giving it away. But hopefully, the folks in Biloxi, Mi will love it, too. This month I gave our lady in our quilt guild three twin size quilts, and this nice soft throw to send to the survivors of the hurricane. She got wonderful pics and letters from the people who received the first packages. It made us all feel so great for the time and energy we put into making them.
This is a closer look at the quilt.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stained-glass look in quilt

Here is a twin size that is a great way to get rid of all those left-over strips of material from years of other projects with edges, sashs, etc. I grouped them in color piles and then sewed them together into a square and diagonal cut the finished square. Add a black diagonal cut square to the other half and you are on your way to a quilt that has a stained glass look. Can you see my error in the layout of the squares???

Friday, February 10, 2006

reversible quilt

Here is one of my most recent quilts. It is a different quilt altogether on the back. Each square is complete with front, back and batting all in one operation. This one is flannel on the back. These are fairly simple as to make them as fast as possible for the hurricane relief.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Interest!!!

Typical of me, I have done a lot with my screensavers and am now ready to play with something else.


Have done quilting for many years, but it waned in the last year or so. Then my sister invited me to a 'quilt camp', which meant going to a boy scout camp and setting up our sewing machines, etc. and working ONLY on the quilt of my desire. And EATING till we burst. There was a cook there who served us the three meals a day that were real down to earth and delicious meals, and then there were goodies brought by all the ladies........well, you don't think any of us passed up this chance to pig out, do ya!???

It was wonderful fun. New ladies to meet and learn from, new grounds to enjoy, and new or finished quilting to bring home after three days of nothing interupting one's great creativity!!!

So of course, I had to join this quilt guild that she was in, and happily, one of my others sisters did too. So the three of us went to a second 'quilt camp' that even included lessons for brand new techniques. There was even a Quilt Bus that had everything you could possibly need, and lots that you wanted in the way of notions and beautiful material. Got me all fired up to start quilting again. So the screensavers are still there for you to enjoy, but now I want to ramble on a bit about my quilting and what I am learning about it. Feel free to comment and advise.