Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Got a bad dog bite on left hand Sunday, so typing is curtailed and crafting at a full stop. When the swelling goes down, I can sew again and also try some of the new thingss I am reading about in Fibre and Stitch, my new 'zine.

Meanwhile I am catching up on Blog reading.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Quilt coming along nicely

and faster than I expected. Took a shot last night of this much of it. Got the blocks made and laid them on the border and triangles material to see how it would go. I love the colors together, and am pleased that my ability to choose coordinates seems to be improving. I used to always have one color that didn't seem to work. And I wouldn't discover it til after the quilt was mostly made.

I like this one totally and am going to have trouble giving it away. Except the woman receiving it is so worthy of getting my best effort. She has diabetes of the worst kind, she needs needles every day, not like mine that is diet-controlled. She lost a baby already and we have all been praying she would make it all the way with this one. So far, she is doing just fine.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

He did good- challenge met!

Here is my five material (minus one which was allowed) postcard done via my husband.It wasn't really that hard, and I am relieved he picked so well. He even told me he actually took down a second box, and he deliberated and put some back and forth til he thought they worked together. I passed on the black with gold dots because I couldn't figure out how to blend with what I had. Adding lots of pink lace and thread made it quite cheery and feminine, I think.

I even addd a row of hearts after I sandwiched it, so the hearts show on the backside

I had to put this together quickly because I got a baby shower invite this morning and I know just what quilt I want to make. Will go shopping for material first thing tomorrow before it gets unbearably hot. I don't know how long it will take to make and I only have about four weeks. That seems like a lot at the moment, but I know how stuff can happen and get in the way of quilting time.

Monday, July 07, 2008

New challenge...

...'cause I don't have enough to do...LOL. My red and black is coming along pretty well so it will be finished by tomorrow. More hand sewing little metal things on it, and then the binding. As I have done before, I expanded the size so was forced into the 'add backing to the backing' thing. It's getting to be a bad habit. But I had those little extra black and white pieces and it just seemed to be a waste to throw them away.

The challenge (from Quiltland Chronicle in the list of bloggers on the right)is to have someone else pick out five materials from your stash and you make a quilt with them. You can add colors and you can take away one of the five chosen for you. It can be any size but small is expected unless you just love the choice and have lots of the material on hand. In my house there is only one other person, dear husband. He headed for the craft room with a big sigh and 'I guess I could do that'. Now here is a partial assortment of colors and amounts available, and ...

...HERE is what he chose!!!

Do you think maybe he could have picked up one more box, if not five...nooooo, he picked up only ONE...and it was BLACK. Now I love black as you can tell from the quilt up at the top. But I am definitely going to have to add a color, probably pink, to keep this from being dreary.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Copper Bling

Yup, that's what I call them...I did a four-postcard abstract and then cut them into the four individual cards.
That is a leather chair seat behind them, so you can hardly tell where they start and stop unless you look really close. It's fun trying to keep each one different and yet have an all-over one-piece look at the same time. I loved the foil and it wasn't any more difficult to sew on. I was afraid it might 'shatter' or something. But it went smoothly. Not so much the copper thread - I did have quite a few breaks. I even remembered to change to a metallic needle and loosen up the top tension, but it still decided to snap every so often. I've had other metallics that have been MUCH worse, so it was frustrating but bearable in comparison.

I recently ordered some MistyFuse and other goodies and they just arrived yesterday. Got some different paints to try. Says you can dye with them and I thought it would be nice to do a mini-dye - like for postcard backgrounds. And I ordered a small rotary cutter thinking it was like my little (OLD) one and this one is even smaller!! GOTTA LEARN TO READ THE DETAILS! This is not the first time I ordered something totally different than what I thought I was getting. And I HATE to return things, so it stays, regardless.

I ran out of my old paper-backed fusible doing this cat and two butterflies for a small lap quilt, and then...

...tested the new stuff on a fun cut idea of black and whites on this neat red batik.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Bookmarks, then that forest green quilt...

Made some neat bookmarks using my DH's laminator. Put eight of them on my ETSY shop. I just fused the pieces, rather than stitching, as the stitches would have made it too bulky.

Then I went back to work on that lime/forest green sampler quilt and finished the last block. All those little squares didn't quite match up the way they were supposed to, but this quilt is one I am keeping, so I am less fussy.

Added a pic of this one I had done a few weeks ago.

Then brought the twelve pieces up to the bedroom rug to see the effect and re-arrange the squares many,many,many times til I decided this might do.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bookmarks, and back to that green quilt...

Made good use of my DH's laminator and put together some neat bookmarks for my ETSY stash. I fused only, as stitching would make it too lumpy. Had the beads already handy and loads of small pieces of ribbon. (Never throw anything away, right??)

Then I took a break from little things, and did that last big block on my green forest theme sampler quilt. I put all the pieces on the bedroom rug to see if I could get a feel for the order I prefered. Moved them around a whooooole bunch and decided on this.

Now I have to make the insert pieces and sashes and binding, etc, etc. It never ends, thank goodness. Such fun.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How cool is that?

My Stare Eyes quilt made it into a Treasury page on ETSY. That means someone liked it and put it in with a group of favorte pics that has to do with "eyes"

And I finally got my "Purple Fantasy" finished. I added beads at the last, mainly to hold down the angelina fibers. But it did fill in and hold down the rather empty black areas, too. I could have done more quilting there if I had thought it out at the beginning. But sometimes that makes me more inventive at the end. Like that big pearly purple button, thatI hadn't even found when I started. I do find that the ideas usually flow along as it comes together, rather than being completely perfect before I start. That is the fun of it for me, I think, seeing what I can come up with on my own with no pattern. This close-up may show the details a bit better. And it is all PURPLES - not blues. Darn the internet, not being able to read the purples!!! Or is it my camera?
That is a tiny piece of a feather boa in the center and couched yarn squiggling next to double-needle threads, and triple bugle beads with a silver round one at the bottom
The half circles are hand-dyed(that I did about two years ago) and those twisty purple 'arrows' coming out from the half-circles are the foil covered cloth I did a few days ago. I love that stuff, and have to get to work with more of it. Fun!