Saturday, April 19, 2008

Block Lotto Gift...

I got the nicest surprise with this new endeavor. A lady donated her blocks to us newbies because she had won other times, so I have one more chance than my own six(for my six blocks) so I have to try to get two more made and up the count so there are more winners in general in the lotto. I believe they have four by now and my two blocks could be just the ones that up the count enough for four winners. So I'm off to sew more little squares together.

I am going to be busy packing for a trip to the beach for a month starting next Friday, so I will be loading a lot of stuff for me and the pooch- including my sewing machine and a great new quilt pattern to try. My DH wants to stay on the home front, as this is great working-in-the-yard weather. He will make spot visits-along with my kids and other family! But it is a quiet vacation, before the summer crowds, and a sewing and quilting and knitting, and cross-stitch, and maybe a bit of painting vacation for me. With lots of beach walking mixed in, and scenic picture taking for screensavers. This is my first LOOONG vacation ever, and second alone. I am a very great lover of peace and quiet and alone-time, so it is going to be heaven for me.

Here are a couple of envy-making pics of the area.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I joined a 'block' lotto

So what kind of lotto invloves Blocks???? A quilting one, of course!!! Never seem to have enough to do, LOL, so I thought this looked like fun. Did two blocks to start, and then managed to find the time to do four more. The lotto allows eight, but this may be it for this first time. Let's see how it all works out. Depending on how many blocks get entered, there can be more than one winner. Last month they said there were six, so I like those odds, and am going for it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alzheimers quilts

Jungle Series Lion

Jungle Series Tiger

Jungle Series Zebra

Ocean Blue

Winter Wolves

The Chase

Spring Cardinals

Look Deep

I've done quite a few of these little quilts over the past few months, and would like to share the pics. Ami Sims is amazing. The quilts are now sold on eBay and still making good money for the Alzheimers research. Hope they find some answersw before I reach the point of needing it!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

A year??? since I blogged...

Good grief, I have been busy, eh? Actually I was on a down swing through the last months, and discovered I was severly anemic, and diabetic. So I went the round of doctors and tests and learning a new way to live with both problems. Got them under control now, and hope to do a bit more with my faithful ole blog.

My 'puppy' is now a bit over a year, and no longer a 'lap' dog in the true sense. She got bigger than expected and is eating very well, so she is about 35 pounds. And here I was figuring she would be a tiny l6 pound snuggle-bunn for my lap. She still loves to snuggle but my lap is a bit crowded and she gets uncomfortable after a bit, and opts for the floor or the little love seat. Let's see if blogger uploads her pic a bit better than it used to.

Well, it did a very fast job of it, I'm glad to say. So now to get to work with my camera and show all of my more recent quilting! Bee back soon, I hope?