Sunday, March 08, 2009

Yes...I've been busy

It's been months, I know. I completely re-did my craft/sewing room to another part of the house. We had the floor re-finished and of course the room had to be totally empty to accomplish this. Which gave me a chance to design the spacing for my stuff, and that meant cabinets for the stuff, and a new sewing table.

So here is the beginnings of that table

Lots of little parts...

And of course Maggie my dog decided the parts were tasty!!!

And then after muuuuuch difficulty getting these two movable panels put together I turned the table over thinking I was done. See those white lines on the hinged pieces of the flaps??? THEY ARE UPSIDE DOWN!!

At last----- It's done

And now for the three tall cabinets and two small ones.

Here is the beginning of that project, the first small cabinet. It took me a week of slowly doing a bit at a time to put them all together...

Here is the space I have to fill with those wonderful storage cabinets to hide all my material and trims and part projects and anything else I can stuff in there.

Enough for now. I'll show more progress tomorrow.