Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Adding cookies to the menu...

...after I did these delicious Earl Grey tea cupcakes and tea leaf flavored frosting. I don't usually like my chocolate in cake form---but these cupcakes were an exception!!! Yummy and interesting with the tea flavor in the marshmellow-creme-like frosting.
Then I had finally done some Cake bites... which take a great deal of time, but are very tasty for all the effort and look soooo pretty.

These chocolate crackle cookies were especially for folks who like dark rich chocolate and not a lot of frosting. I liked the way the cookie split and crackled in the baking, so the powdered sugar made a neat design. My granddaughter's friend tried one because she LOVES dark chocolate. We asked her if she liked it and she was so enthralled with it she just 'hummmd' When she finally finished it she said it was fantastic!! So I think I might just keep these in the files:)
I had ordered a pan that made this next cake all in one baking. It looks like a three-layer wedding cake, but it is a mini---perfect for two people, or one very enthusiastic cake

Am not totally pleased with it. I always do EXACTLY what the instructions tell me on my first try with something new. This batter recipe that came with it only filled it to the beginning of the large layer, so I assumed it would bake up to the top as it finished. NOPE, it was a very small bottom layer. So I am going to try another recipe with more batter involved and watch the cooking time, and give it another try.

They are also very difficult to frost because of the shape. You would think it would be a cinch, but not sooooo.
I'm going to try a softer smoother type of frosting and see if it makes a diff. Meanwhile, I did make this one look ok, and put it next to the coffee mug so you could better see how small it is.
Now THIS is my kinda cookie!!!
Two lemon cookies with lemon cream cheese frosting between. Delicious!! A definite Keeper!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fondant trial

Finally got brave and did a little cake with fondant totally covering it. well, it was sooo easy it is making me very brave for the next size. Here is the front view with a lily made out of fondant also.

Here is the lily at a side angle.
And here the back shows the leaves and stem.

I tried a butter cream pearl edge, but I don't have the right tip to do it well yet. Just ordered some more tips today.

And here are some shots of other designs I did in the last couple days...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yup, I'm still Baking...

...time just got away from me

Here are the two little bundts all dressed up

...and I had an idea for a mini-cake for two that I wanted to try. I don't have small enough cake pans, so I tried a couple bowls that have a nice rounded top - but straight sides. I torted them and added strawberry filling to these strawberry cakes. They were fun to frost and having a dome top made it easy to glaze in a nice smooth manner.

And a six-inch cake split and filled made a pretty cake too

...and here is a cute Chai tea cake with dark chocolate chai filling and powdered sugar dusting.

It was very tasty, especially the chocolate, but it was a bit dry in texture. Think this might be a canidate for simple syrup added before I frost.

I also gave a try to making a sponge cake that swirled into a jelly roll shape. It was absolutely delicious with the raspberry whip cream filling. Very light cake, perfect when you had a big meal! I'm thinking I would really like to make more of these!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

parts of projects, and a failure

Did another biscotti that was quite delicious, but am realizing all biscotti pics look

Then I tried another shape of biscotti, as well as flavor, and it kinda melted into itself. And it was very greasy because of the amount of butter. It was a round parmegian cheese which looked so pretty in its picture. Mine weren't worth taking a picture, tho.

On to other goodies, my daughter said the restaurant she worked for served fancy individual desserts and I would have to dress it up as well as have it taste good if I wanted to possibly get them as a client. Soooo, either jumbo cupcakes or mini-bundts seemed a possible. I went out and bought more of the little inexpensive bundts that I had purchased six of earlier. Now I have 14, enough to make a decent batch of desserts.

The first one is a LEMON OLIVE OIL THYME CAKE, which is a mouthful to say as well as eat. I was surprised at how delicious this came out to be. And my husband ate his and declared it good, before I told him the odd ingredient of thyme was in it. Here's one with it's lemon glaze (super lemony taste) and a chocolate butterfly.
Not bad, but I think I can do better...

So I got out my fondant and colored small batches and got to work on flowers to add and a butterfly as the real topper.

I also have some really scrumptious APPLE WALNUT SPICE bundts ready to dress up. We taste tested last night and I definitely think this is a keeper!! Think I might make little apples of fondant to dress this one up.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Banana Bites

Had those tops of the banana cupcakes that Lex felt weren't good enough. So I made them into cake balls and popped them in chocolate bottoms and dipped them in glaze that is bright banana yellow.

Very tasty, gonna make more of these little guys!!