Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Latest doings

Finished my crazy quilt wall hanging and hung it in the kitchen over the phone to give me something to look at while I am talking. LOL

Here is a bit further back for a better understanding of the setting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Autumn birds

Finally finished the little autumn birds.

It doesn't show the details well in the close-up but I tried.

I'm asuming it is because it is felt, but this one doesn't seem to want to sit really flat. Something I will have to figure out. Also the colors are super bright like trees on a sunny day, but the pic looks a bit cloudy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

happenings lately...

You name it.. it's been happening.

Haven't been blogging because I was really busy getting as much ready as possible for an offer to sell my stuff at the Nail Salon I go to. She knew I sold on ETSY and said she would like to offer her ladies some of the handcrafts in the area. I think some of the other clients may be adding to what I brought over yesterday, but I am not sure.

This wild and crazy felt job below turned into the little cell phone purse you see below it

It is beaded as well as felted and I learned how to make the handle with some advice over at Fibreand Stitch.

Here is a closer look.

Then I went on to a bigger piece of felting with the browns and oranges of autumn to make this earthy purse that is peach satin lined and beaded all over. Holds the cell phone and a bit more.

That big glass bead was $2.75, which is a lot for me to spend for just one bead, but it was perfect to finish off the look, I think. Here is the back, and I wish the pic had shown all the beading more clearly.

I just love this satin lining. It really gave the felt an elegant feel to it.

Made five quick bookmarks to have something less expensive to offer.

I added a bunch of my small wall hangings that were just coming off ETSY and five lap quilts that were in waiting.
Now I am felting some more - gotta earn the cost of that new embellisher!!
This is similar to a post card and the ATC's I did earlier. I liked the effect so much I decided to enlarge a bit more and add a tree trunk and more birds. You can see white squares where I intend to put the birds, and needed to leave a bit of background exposed to not make the birds 'lumpy' and easier to fuse and sew.

Here, hopefully, you can see the wind blowing in quilting, and the birds are accented and held down with free-motion embroidery.

Now to get some housework caught up and enjoy the outdoors a bit longer. It is getting cooler every day and I'll be inside for months really soon.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Trying something old- that is new to me...

Crazy quilting originaly didn't appeal to me. Too many colors and textures and all that handwork!!!
But I recently saw CQ swaps going on and the blocks had color themes and were using cottons, rather than silks and velvets in some cases. Ah...Hah!!- break the rules and do what you feel like works for you (ME).
So I put together three black and white squares and started looking through all my trims and buttons and threads to find pink embellishments. Reason---That is my kitchen color scheme! On my first try I wanted to keep the results, and that meant hanging it somewhere in my own house. So I have to pick a color scheme that fits some part of the house. I have a skinny piece of wall that could use a bit of color and be see-able by others to appreciate my work...heh,heh.

Here are some of the pinks I could scrape together...

...and a closer look of my first block try.

When I finish, I will add sashes and make it a long skinny piece, maybe even make it look somewhat like a bell-pull. Haven't decided yet.