Monday, May 05, 2008

Maybe it will work as a grocery bag?

This is my laptop computer's new traveling bag, for my trip to the beach. If you read my last couple posts you know that is on hold. I frantically worked on this a few weeks ago to get it done before April 25- my departure! Now it sits there looking pretty, but with nowhere to go.

I do most of my groceries on Peapod which is online shopping with home delivery from the food chain here called Stop & Shop. I started using it when I was so very anemic the thought of shopping made me want to go to bed. Now I am so delighted to use the couple hours in some other fun way, -like gardening or quilting- I still use the online for groceries. But once in a while it is worth going for some special items, or just to see what is new, or I need to go to the fabric store around the corner -so I might as well pick up some food. There is a push to not use those plastic bags we all got so used to, so I am trying to remember to bring various tote bags I have made. This one though, is not as deep and has big flat pockets for the computer stuff that won't especially suit food.

On shorter vacations I wouldn't bother to drag along the laptop, but a whole month made it worth taking. I still have high hopes for a reprieve on May 12. Better late beaching than no beaching.

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