Zentangle on Glass Plates

 Once you have tried regular plates, you might want to give clear glass plates a shot.  This is one I finished recently. On the left it is on a white counter top.  On the right I am holding it up so you can see through it. 

Believe it or not, you start working on a glass dish with a folded towel.  The dish is scooping inward and the paper pattern is flat.  After you tape the pattern on RIGHT SIDE DOWN,  on the right side of the plate, you will need the towel to push the pattern up against the glass.

Now it is ready to start drawing on.  But realize that the pattern is still not directly at your pen's tip.  You have the thickness of the glass to contend with. 

 You can see the shadow underlying the purple ink in this photo.  When your eye is directly above the pattern, you can draw but you will need to reposition the dish and yourself quite a bit to keep yourself in line with the pattern as best you can.  I find I need to focus on the pattern and yet watch where the ink is going onto the plate.  You will find it is more wobbly drawing on a smooth glass surface like this.  Do the best you can, and plan on your tangle to make up for little wobbles. 
 Here I have the camera as directly on top of the plate as possible and you see less of the pattern shadow.  Your eyes need to do the same thing.

Here I have removed the paper pattern and put the dish right side up on a white sheet of paper, so that I will be able to see the pattern.  When I work on the pattern, I often hold the dish in my hand,(right side DOWN at that point)   but find I still need the white underneath to see what I am doing.  It just so happens the work table is black, which does nothing for working with clear glass. 

Another thing to consider when the ink hits the glass...because the glass is not absorbent, the ink will leave a tiny dot of residue.  As you do your pattern, try to lift the pen as little as possible and keep going.  For example: when doing Socc, instead of drawing each line on each side separately, make one long circle around and around as many times as you want it thick.  Hope you understand what I mean.  It will be more obvious when you actually work on the glass.

When I am finished I cannot write the warning message that it is for decorative use only, as it would show.  Also, as the ink is on the bottom of the dish, these could actually be used to serve cookies, or the like.  They still need gentle washing, though.   The ones I plan to sell will have to have a card attached that explains the rules about use and care.

Now you can take a look in your cupboard and see what you can Zentangle first!!!

Here is an addition to ways to Zentangle on glass

These are glass cutting boards/hot plates. Picked them up at the "dollar" store (for $1.00)   I taped the design on the top, upside down, and turned it over to trace the design on the bottom.  I used the ink I had chosen right from the start.  No need to use pencil as you can see the design clearly for tracing.

When I was done, I put a bit of vaseline on the little feet used for protection on the plate.  Then I spray painted with an enamel can of white paint.  It covers the black ink, and gives it a background color, so that when you put it on your counter, your design is easy to see.

When the paint is dry, carefully wipe off the little feet and they will be clear.  I found out the hard way that the paint won't stick to them, and it came off on my counter the first time I put the board down.  It also doesn't stick to the vaseline and wipes off easily and your board is ready to use.

Here is a photo of the plate actually on my counter next to the pizza cutter to show you size relationship.  It is meant for small cutting jobs.


PeppyPilotGirl said...

Thanks for sharing this - love the idea of doing a cutting board!

Did you use the Lumocolors on the glass ones as well?

Cat Wilson said...

Sorry to be so late in answering. Yes I use the same pens on the glass dishes and on the cutting board. So far it seems to be the ONLY pen out there for this use.

PeppyPilotGirl said...

Thanks!! I have some housewarming presents I need to do and a cutting board sounds like great idea so the timing was perfect!