Glass Garden Totems

I am making so many of these now, that I feel I should have them all in one place for people to see if they are interested.  So here they come!!!

As my very first one, this is a keeper for my own garden...

 The soft coppery color seemed perfect for the little brown rabbit and his yellow flower

 Blues and soft greens with a silver accent

 A little blue bird on a lovely base inspired these blues and greens

 The dark green looks so good with the crystal

Pinks...'cause everyone loves these pink colors

This one is totally clear crystally sparkle...

Milk glass combined with painted pieces that resemble milk glass give a sharp white contrast in your garden

Using a small table frame painted purple  with extra touches of purple throughout made for an interesting bird bath.  This one has the top NOT glued to make it easier to clean it.  

Lighthouses are always popular.

Having a large collection of glass paperweights made it easy to find toppers for many of my sculptures.  This one seemed right for the depression glass look.

Birds certainly seem right for the garden, and this hummingbird is certainly a favorite!

Was so pleased to find these deep orange/coppery color glass to go with the little bunny and his orange flower.

This with the little bunny lady at the top had the perfect colors for my sister.

I thought this one would look great in my own front yard in a pot of flowers.

Here is is 4 years later still looking great.  It has weathered four winters and not been damaged beyond one or two small green flat marbles needing re-gluing.    I like the idea of using totems in more than one way.  Being in a pot gives it more focus.

Another sister got this Mad Hatter tea party totem, as it is off tilt on

Textured copper on glass with deep red pairing seemed the right way to go for the little  red mushroom.

The very large teal piece inspired this collection of color.  The teapot has the dark teal to make it the perfect topper.

I started out putting gravel in the bottom pieces and then glue a plate to keep it in place...This one came out VERY heavy...

I had a favorite purple paperweight for a topper on this one.  and dark purple/black half marbles for accent.  This one is a bit shorter than most.

This has a very modern black and white scheme.  Black zentangle pattern at the base, and black/white swirt in the paperweight topper.

Two teal glasses together made for a striking middle for the little lady at the top in the teal dress.  Then I did a bit of teal beading to give a nice finish.

Lots of lady-like pink on this one. Suits the teapot...

A rich green ceramic cat gave this a fine finish.  I used plastic crystals 'dripping' off the two bottom layers...

When I finished this one, the bottle had a gold color, as I added water and food coloring, and I removed the bottle top, as it wouldn't glue tight and level.  Then I gave it to another sister, who loved the little house teapot at the top

The lady in blue inspired the rest of the blue pieces, and the blue tangles...

Here is a close-up of the tangles

The red and black and the pointy topper give this an oriental look

Another lovely pink, as I have a lot of dishes in the pink color I am using up...

 The lime green planting pot was the inspiration for this collection in popular Lime!

 Look closely and you will see a delicate cat with a butterfly on his tail inside the larger piece of glass...

 This collection started with the antique lamp shade with the blue flower on it....

 The little bunny at the top is an artist, as he has a paint palette and a

 This special one went to my daughter, as she loved the teal color, and the frog planter at the base...

 This is a close-up of the great frogs holding up the bowl that I found at my favorite Goodwill store...

 I tried putting up a piece of material to mimic outside for the photos...This 'vaseline' cat is a pretty lime green that compliments the greens in the other pieces.

 The topper that is a glass teapot paperweight doesn't show well with the new background, so I may go back to the plain white.

This lighthouse topper shows well, and is the first one I tried with a bunch of heavier pottery pieces instead of all glass.  A more 'earthy' feel to it...

A lighthouse is always a good focus subject, and even the toppers give a lighthouse feel to this totem.

Cobalt is always a fav!
It's the camera person that is tipsy, not the sculpture!!

A tiny pink pig with a butterfly on his shoulder is the subject of this study in pinl.  I have a sister who collects pigs, and thought there must be others who would love this too.

A black bear climbing a tree may seem an unusual subject, but at a campground in town it is the loveable logo.

I'm loving how this birdbath turned out...may keep it here at home!

It's been ages since I posted, but here is a cute one with a great blue chicken to top it...

If they look a little out of balance, it is the photographer, not the  Here is the blue theme continuing with a favorite blue cat as a topper...

Gold paint with gold glass and crystals hanging.

Very large blue bowl made a perfect base for this birdbath.

Sometimes no color is the best color...this will go with anything, and is small enought to seem right indoors as well.

Little garden fairy with pink flowers in her hair inspired this totem.

Elegant art deco lady with black and gold accents.

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Brigit said...

I Love your work, it is whimsical and delightful. I have had ideas to do similar sculpture for years. (Like I need another hobby!) I love what you are doing to repurpose fond nicknacks and tchotchkes