Sunday, February 03, 2019

My blog... revisited!

I've had this blog going for many years, as you can see, but now I would like to reach out to any and all to invite you to visit my new website that is now holding all my fun creations. 

I'm still creating, and still trying new things.  Like the little snap bags, and phone wristlets.  But I'm also offering goodies from the past crafts I have worked with.  My Zentangles, quilts, jewelry, polymer clay fun, etc. 

Come visit and see what products are offered that you just can't do

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Cleaning the attic... find more glass that I just know is hiding up there.  Finally got a cloudy day that meant the temperature would be bearable up there.  And yes, there were goodies worth claiming for my glass totems.
A clear glass swan was perfect for a smaller clear sparkly totem.  Some folks just don't have room for a huge one, and this is actually small enough to enjoy inside the house!!

The tiny garden fairy with pink flowers in her hair inspired this cutie.

She is about to pour herself a nice cuppa!!

My daughter found this elegant lady with an art deco look, and I just loved her.  She is holding a white bird and the black and gold seemed perfect to show her the best.

Monday, May 30, 2016

More totems...'cause some have already sold this summer!!

Went to a tag sale that my niece was part of at the local volunteer fire dept.  Got a whole slew of great pieces.  This lady with a bird was one of many...she's letting the bird out of the cage which is so sweet.  Used greens and coppers to stack for her to be shown in someone's garden.

 This little white horse is part of a special order totem.  Which is why I am showing just part of it.  It is hers exclusively.

Then I had to use this pink paperweight as a topper.  Chose white and crystal to make it stack purrrty.

 A teapot with teal started this totem...because I had this great big jar to park it on once I found all the right pieces in between.

 And lastly...for the moment...a mushroom cluster dictated the color scheme for this totem... Coppers and reds seemed ideal.  It is a shorter one than most which fit the little mushrooms.

 Here is a clear from top to bottom totem, because there is always the purist who doesn't want color, but loves the idea and the sparkle of totems.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Garden Art...

I've shifted back to my glass sculpture for the summer months...meaning shopping for great glass pieces that go together to make cool sparkly totems, birdbaths, hanging pieces, and anything else I can think of to do with Goodwill goodies...
Recent ones include this lighthouse with teal blues...

Here it is up close.  I have discovered the ceramic pieces have a much longer life outside if I find a glass piece to go over them...

This is the wonderful colbal color with crystal.  That bottom piece is really heavy so this is quite sturdy.  Too bad my camera angle is not the sturdiest.... looks a bit

Looking closely you would see a little pink piggy and his butterfly friend in the top clear glass part.  And of course, his glass colors had to be pink with a touch of pearly white.

Here he is up close...

Speaking of little is a little black bear climbing up a tree stump.  His accompaning glass is black and green and this totem is rather slim and taller than most.  Made if for the camp/resort that carries some of my crafts.  Their camping symbol used to be a black bear.  Thought the campers might like seeing it in their own garden when they go home.

Here he is up close...still a little hard to see details.

This piece has soft green spray paint to add to the pink glass  to pick up the colors of the centerpiece of the little garden fairy and her blooms.

...and we have a close-up

A favorite of purples...added crystal drops and crystal flat marbles for bling.

Last for first all glass birdbath with some serious weight in that bottom piece to keep it from blowing over in a good wind.  

Monday, May 02, 2016

Quick post...

Tried  a 9 x 12 ink today...
I'm calling it Rushing River, after I pushed the blue around till it looked ok...I actually had mountains in mind, but the inks didn't feel like it this

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Latest Inks

Managed to get a few small pieces of art done as I could open windows and avoid the heavy fumes of the being more careful.  These are all 5x7.

Gulls in flight

Cat in the Moonlight...framed.

Cat up close...


Orchids in lavender

Sunburst art form

Finally figured out how to get my fun little mushrooms to stand up in the garden!  Weather changes would soften the ground and one or more would flop over...very frustrating.  So I'm trying to figure out what would be light enough and yet flat enough and up to being outside, and my daughter brings me some goodies from her house she thought I might use, and among them are three trays.  Light weight and sturdy and when they are upside down, quite flat and not a catch-all for water (which invites mosquitos), so now I have the bottoms I need!!!  And I also discovered that an 8 inch tile will do the trick, too...

These three have some alcohol ink for color...

I sprayed the trays with black and textured copper paint, for a dirt look

If they are put on a porch, they look fine, and in the garden one could cover the tray with mulch or dirt to make them look even more natural.

This last is the tile used for the bottom...which I really like, as it is smaller than the tray, and just as sturdy, maybe more so!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

New goodies...

Been a couple of rough weeks doing stuff that must be done...and now I got to play a bit and try something new.  These are shells with some BLING... And yes I made sand plates...with white glue and sand over a saran-wrapped dish...  Lots of spray paints, glues, jewels, flat marbles, anything that I thought would look cool with the shells...