Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More of our beautiful spring yard...

Lost some of the shots I had resized yesterday. Thought I had put them in the right folder and they dissapeared. Found them in My Pictures instead of the designated folder.

This is one our Bridal Wreath plants in full bloom with the corner of the garden shed showing. Love this plant but it grows towards the sun and I wish it would be a bit straighter, rather than bending over my little garden near the path. I'm considering letting the creeping phlox take over on the ground, and the Bridal Wreath let loose. The only plant I would bother moving from that patch is the astilbe. Gotta go get some annuals for that arch with its two planters.

This 'birdhouse?' is a stump from trees we just had removed on the other side of the yard. My DH thought I might like it as an accent in the garden. I think it looks kinda cute there, but it is a very close-to-the-ground birdhouse, so maybe it could be a new home for a toad???

Now to my latest quilting... Here are my eight blocks I am submitting to the Block Lotto for May.

Right away Maggie decided to lay down on the pretty new spot on the rug!!

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