Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gotta start over... DARN

My ALQS came out way bigger than what is allowed. It went over 35 inches because my basic block needed to be on point. I'm "inventing" as I go, and before I got too far it was obvious it was coming out BIG. So I'm re-inventing the idea on a smaller scale. Which means it is totally different from the original plan! Same color scheme, and even same basic idea - but different!

I'm getting a bit nervous as some of the ladies have already finished and MAILED theirs, and they are gorgeous and so much full of talent. No more work on the Ann. sampler til I finish this baby.

I did start the backdrop for the fancy work, so I feel a bit better than I did yesterday. So far it is 18x20 -which works.

Went to my neice's candle party this afternoon and saw the latest work they had done on their little house. The place was practically comdemn-worthy when they bought it from a relative. They have worked really hard in the last couple years with her father and my husband doing some of the more complicated stuff. It's so nice to see young people taking the time and energy to improve their home from a mess to a really comfortable little castle. It's not one of the mini-mansions so many young couples seem to feel they must have. It's quite small for them and their two boys, but very satisfying for a starter home that makes them feel like a real family established on their own.

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AmyB said...

Hopefully *you* can still enjoy your original ALQS project, even if it's too big for swapping. Hope it's going well on the new track...