Saturday, May 10, 2008

More of the yard while it is so pretty...

This is the view out my kitchen window. This decrepit cherry tree has been there since we moved here 37 years ago. My DH wanted to cut it down when we had some others done. I said as long as it is capable of blooming every spring, I want it.
That is Hershey Kiss, enjoying the new grass. She is one of my son's mate's three horses. We get to enjoy them in the scenery without the work and upkeep.

In the quilting arena, I tackled two more of the Ann. quilt, and did a little less ripping out, so I guess I am beginning to get the idea. I love the colors, even though they are a different direction than I usually go. That lime color is the hot thing right now and it did a nice job of picking up the color in the other pieces.

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