Sunday, May 11, 2008

I did it, I DID it...

Finally got a square done on the anniversary quilt that didn't get ripped apart even once!

I noticed some ladies have taken pics of their sewing areas, so I thought I would share my little space.

This is looking down the small alley my husband calls my "craft cave" -like "you comin' outta that cave sometime today??? I'm hungry!"

I keep all my material in boxes by basic color. But my stash is growing a bit faster and I may have to just put the pieces in piles as soon as I figure out where to put some of the not-so-necessary stuff in another spot. There is never enough room!

This is the corner between the windows that I hung fabric post cards I received in a couple swaps. There are more in the pic before this one on the left side.

This is the window on the front of the house with the serger and lots of stuff including a cd player to keep me motivated and happy in my cave! The house is old and shaped kinda funny so this little room in an L shape is actually the very front of the house, and the entrance to the main room is off to the far side of this room. My kids all loved the chance when this became their bedroom, because it is tiny but very private from the rest of the house, and actually has a great deal of storage space. I don't know if you can tell, but there is a double closet at the end of the tabel the surger is on. And it is stuffed too!!


Andrea said...

Love the pictures of your sewing cave - lol ! Your DH sounds like mine - can't cook to save his life. Lovely blocks you've made - I like your fabrics. xx

mill said...

I love how your craft things are so organised! (and that you have a room dedicated to craft!) All my bits of wool and fabric are stashed away in a large tub at the moment :( But then we live in a very small flat so there is no room, really! Maybe one day!

craftydiane said...

Love your cave! I especially love the shelves. My dream is to have a room with floor to ceiling shelves on nearly every wall to store my sewing and craft stuff. Right now my fabric is in totes in my closet and under my bed! We live in a very small house. Once the kids are all in college maybe I can devote one room to my stuff!
God Bless.