Monday, December 10, 2012

Hearts and Flowers

Feelin' alll the I went with red and lots of hearts.  And some flowers thrown in.  There is also a heart with some of the challenge 97 tangle in it. And I think it might fit the challenge 98...kinda.  The heart shapes loop over each other.

In this close up hopefully you can see the "kneeses"

And a couple more close-ups

I tried to find every 'heart' shape tangle that I could to work into this ZIA and I also found out accidentally how to make a flow of color on a plate.  I can color in solid, but I hadn't thought I could make a soft muted background type of color til I tried to 'erase' a tangle I had put in the middle in the biggest heart.  I used alcohol to see if I could erase the ink and found there was so much color from the pattern that it made a big pinkish mess.  So I thought of smoothing it out in the section, and then patted it all over with the Q-tip I was using.  Waited til it dried and put fresh red lines on the outside edge and there it was.... a background on a plate.
I'm so excited to see what I can do next with this idea.

Meanwhile, I also worked on a couple 'critters' ZIA's .

I found a good image of a REAL snail, as I couldn't seem to draw one I liked.  Then put in a fantasy world of tangles.

Same with the bunny rabbit.  Used as many 'soft' looking tangles as I could find and then added a fantasy garden around him.  These are both 8" x 10" to fit in a standard frame.  The sepia browns I felt would go nice with a wood like maple.


ledenzer said...

Hearts and flowers work like a charm in this challenge!

ledenzer said...

oreFIin 517co

Ronnie said...

What a great idea -- tangling on plates. Your heart plate is beautiful! Funny how a mistake can take us to new and exciting places. lol... I also love your "critters." They would look wonderful on a plate (hint, hint.)

Gloria said...

These are so wonderful! I love the valentine plate. How great to discover a new method. What is your surface for your animal friends? Really great work!

Shelly Beauch said...

I wouldn't mind having your snail in my garden, he is so cute.

efie said...

Very great work!
I love the snail!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Beautiful!!! I also love the snale in teh tangled garden.

Mrs Wibbs said...

Oh my goodness, your tangled plate is DELICIOUS!!!!! Wow... Utterly exquisite. And your ZIAs in sepia are beautiful too :)

Helen said...

Your hearts work perfectly for this challenge. Lovely!