Friday, December 28, 2012

Celtic Knot 18...catching up some more

I'm going backwards somewhat.  Put patterns together for the celtic knots 16,17,18.   Then decided if I got 18 done, it might be on time!!!  So I went looking for a shape that would 'knot' together and came up with a cookie-cutter heart.  Used some pink print scrapbooking paper I had on hand to practice, and it came out well enough to go ahead and do the tangle.  Some folks will think 'Valentines day early', but I never pay attention to holidays, just do what seems right at the moment.  And showing love is always right!!

It was a bit of erasing and trying again to get them to overlap the right way.  Judy you will have to let me know if I got it


Judy West said...

Love the hearts Cat. Very nice work.

efie said...

I love it!
its lovely :)

Deb J's Angel Doodles said...

Love the hearts! Great!