Tuesday, December 04, 2012

50th Anniversary Surprise

Took time out from Zentangling to go to what I THOUGHT was dinner with our four kids to celebrate our anniversary.  Well, we were brought to a hall that we had been to about a month ago and told to go in, and there were a whole bunch of familiar faces saying SURPRISE!!!

The kids and grandkids had pulled off a surprise party in great style.  My children are hard workers, but they don't make a lot of money, so this was wonderful in so many ways.  They worked together and did the hard work of doing everything themselves.  No catering here, no fancy restaurant, or big fancy presents,  just lots of love and family and friends.  JUST my kind of party.

I'm getting bits and pieces of the work involved as they all tell me what was happening behind the scenes.  My grandson was in charge of the cooking, as he had training from his tech school.  All the girls were decorating and making deserts.  The guys setting up tables and chairs, etc, and chopping and peeling in the kitchen.  They were doing the shopping for the party under the guise of taking their sister who came up from Maryland out to "see the sights and go for lunch, drinks, shopping, dinner," etc.  It wasn't quite as much a surprise for my husband, as they had to get names and addresses from him for the folks that were invited.
 Here we are just coming into the hall

 Here we have just gotten a lovely cake made by our granddaughter

Here we are laughing over our trying to feed each other 'cakeballs' that are delicious and a favorite of ours.  See further back in my blog if you are interested in  our fun attempts at making these fun deserts.

But I think he was still surprised at all the people and all the work that went into it.  There were lots more pics of all the folks, but these give you the idea.

I finally got that second eye surgery for cataracts, so I will be back to tangling very soon.  Gotta send nice thankyous to all  involved in the bestest time we had!!!

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