Saturday, June 28, 2008

My ALQS goody arrived...

...and is just lovely.
But you folks can't appreciate the great colors here, as they don't seem to photo well. That is PURPLE in the flower petals, not blue. And the edge matches, and that gingham frame is a really pretty green. It is proudly hanging in my craft room on my yellow wall and picks up the purple on the other wall. Perfect!

Just for fun, I took a shot of the corner of my first use of foiled cloth in a quilt. It is those squiggly things coming off the half circle. Having great fun in making this 'Purple Fantasy" Almost finished, just need the border, and I will show you all the completed project. I was curious if it would look purple, and it does look more so than Annie's quilt flower. Hmmmmm.

And in between trying to decide what to do on the purple thing, I started some business card holders. Found the pattern on and thought I wanted one for myself, and then decided they were a good thing at a lower price for My ETSY Shop so here are some ready for the last part.

And this is MINE, finished and loaded to go.

Here is how it looks closed.

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blackbearcabin said...

How awesome you rcvd the three dimensional looks like a cool quilt! i love your little business card holders...very fun! Now im off to check out your etsy site :)