Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How cool is that?

My Stare Eyes quilt made it into a Treasury page on ETSY. That means someone liked it and put it in with a group of favorte pics that has to do with "eyes"

And I finally got my "Purple Fantasy" finished. I added beads at the last, mainly to hold down the angelina fibers. But it did fill in and hold down the rather empty black areas, too. I could have done more quilting there if I had thought it out at the beginning. But sometimes that makes me more inventive at the end. Like that big pearly purple button, thatI hadn't even found when I started. I do find that the ideas usually flow along as it comes together, rather than being completely perfect before I start. That is the fun of it for me, I think, seeing what I can come up with on my own with no pattern. This close-up may show the details a bit better. And it is all PURPLES - not blues. Darn the internet, not being able to read the purples!!! Or is it my camera?
That is a tiny piece of a feather boa in the center and couched yarn squiggling next to double-needle threads, and triple bugle beads with a silver round one at the bottom
The half circles are hand-dyed(that I did about two years ago) and those twisty purple 'arrows' coming out from the half-circles are the foil covered cloth I did a few days ago. I love that stuff, and have to get to work with more of it. Fun!

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loulee1 said...

Congratulations on the Treasury entry, what a boost, more people will find your shop now.

Purple fantasy looks interesting, kind of cosmic.