Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The ALQS is coming along...

Here is a close look on the free-motion embroidery with the little flowers attached by one of the fancy stitches the machine came with. I learned how to double fuse the flowers so that they can be 3-D. Can you tell they are 'free'?

Next part is putting the big flowers together the rest of the way and adding a small accent in the sky. Then last is the binding, which I decided was the leaf color in a skinny edge. Gotta remember to add the fast triangles and a label, which I almost always leave off till the last second.

I'm loving every one of the quilts that are shown on Kate's blog as finished. I sure hope my more unconventional artsy one is acceptable to it's new owner. I'm not inclined to follow patterns too exactly and love to mix ideas together, which makes for surprises. Even I don't know totally what to expect!!!

Meanwhile, between quilt work, I took some time painting a new rail on the far side of our driveway. It looks great and I can get closer to the edge with it there to look over at the brook which is dropped down from the main yard like a river at the bottom of a cliff-only MINI.

Got a cute pic of Maggie posing at the edge of her circle of the yard. I went beyond it and when I came back she was sitting patiently waiting for me so I got a 'still' pose for a change. She's doing great with the electric circle fence controlled by her collar. She is safely in the yard, even when she goes after cars passing by. She goes right to the edge of that invisible circle and barks like mad, but we don't have to worry about her getting hit, as she can't go out of the yard without a little zap-which she doesn't like at all.

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