Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Been busy refreshing and finishing

Took out a couple small quilts that have been stored and freshened them up for sale. This kitten one is just the right size for a kid to drag around as his blankie, or to put over a baby in his car seat. So off it goes.

This one speaks for itself, I love Cats!!! I did a zig-zag kind of meandering around the cat material and it made the cats puff out a bit. Better look than before.

And this one is a brand new one that you had peeks of earlier. All done and I don't want to let it go!!!!! I really liked the colors and how it turned out, but I can't keep everything I make, CAN I???Here is a closer look. I added beads for the 'bubbles' of air for the fish, and the cat is machine quilted all around and has pink stitching in the ear and nose. I did wavy swirls in the blue areas, like ocean waves and foam, kinda...

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loulee1 said...

Hmm, a leopard gazing into a goldfish bowl!
The kittens are cute.