Thursday, June 19, 2008

Done...and open for business

So here it is... the finished product, at last. Doesn't look like trouble, does it?

So glad to get this one done.

Who knew the border would take almost as much time as all the detail quilting???

AND IT IS FOR SALE at my new Etsy shop I finally did it, and got all the info in place and put on six little quilts for the public to own.

Please, please, please come by and visit. I know fellow quilters will not likely be interested in spending money there, but you never know what else you will find, at my shop and at the hundreds of other ones. I bought a necklace and the lady made earrings to match with clips for me, as I love sets and don't have pierced ears. (total coward when it comes to any kind of needles, I used to cry for shots, and I'm talking when I was in my forties!!!)

Then I checked out one of the other new shops and couldn't resist buying some of their cookies from NY 'cause I LOVE COOKIES and these were made with interesting additions of spice like rose drop cookies with BLACK PEPPER. And OH yes, they are goooood, as well as the other two types I tried.

The other exciting event was my first grandchild graduating. My goodness was it a noisy time for all., The crowds were trying to out-do each other with applause and hootin' and even horns-in-a-can blasting. What a racket! But our boy made it and we are delighted. Here is a shot of him and his mom(our daughter)

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