Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Foiled...for the first time.

I finally had the chance to try my first foiling onto materialIt turned out to be quite easy, once I read the directions about three times to be sure I understood the concept. I tried a bunch of cottons and a couple pieces of velvety material with little sparkles on it that I had cut off the bottom of a dress. Turned out it adhered best to the velvet, who knew? Now I am working with the purple piece to make a study in purples. Got lots of other purple parts thrown on a black background to start. I'll try to get a pic tomorrow.

Just so you know, I don't quilt constantly - sometimes I go down to the sea...
...and spend time with my sisters, and today with some neices I had not seen in quite a while. We three sisters who are here in Ct. get together once a month in what we laughingly call "The Sisters Sewing Sircle" A fourth sis has moved to Georgia to live near a fifth sis who has been down south for quite a few years. They get to join the sircle once a year in Sept when they come up here for a visit.

We take turns at each others house and the hostess is supposed to make the lunch. We are supposed to sew or quilt or knit or something like that...but...
we did fine the first few months, until more interesting things popped up. Like a new shop to visit, or a tea room for lunch, or a quilt show, or a new card game to learn. You get the picture. It turned into a fun get together that seemed to include less sewing and more different fun!!

We didn't see any problem with walking the boardwalk, climbing rocks, and one sis even got in the water. Us other two love the atmosphere but not the cold water. We prefer the shade and breezes and chance to catch up. And the incredible views.
I didn't bring anything to sew 'cause I thought the camera was more needed for this 'Sircle' meeting. What do you think?

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