Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Three more going out!

This was a fun one. I had a small scrap of these funny-looking creatures and a square of patch from a quilt and put them together with the red/purple scrap. Voila! Clowns in space!!

Then I went into my purples stash and got 'petals' picked out for the big flowers in this. Similar technique in the sunflower postcard. Love my purples.....

Last, but certainly not least, is more purples-only fishy. And that cool teal print that reminded me of seaweed. There is a lady in the postcard swap who likes fishes, and she inspired me to think in this direction.

So these three are off in the mail this morning. I had a small wall quilt to mail for the Fund-raiser for breast cancer, and a box of knitted squares for "Close-Knit Hugs", so I had to stop at the P.O. While I was doing that, I asked her about those three postcards and she didn't see they would have any trouble going through--and she liked them! That made my day, and I am off to make some more...

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