Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tea for Two postcard

Got another one finished. These are parts left over from a neat set of placemats and coasters I put together from a kit. I loved the materials.
As I am a totally tea drinker (truly don't like coffee, not even in icecream!!!) I thought it was a great theme for a postcard for someone with the same liking.

Today the list came through for the postcard swap from Art2Mail. I'm so excited. We even have some folks from Austrailia and New Zealand. And my Timtex I ordered from Ebay arrived this morning too. I'm ready to get stitchin'!!

The Timtex folks suggested the use of a glue stick instead of fusible webbing. They mentioned the best was the one that goes on purple and then disapears. I have been using my spray for larger quilts, as I didn't have any Wonder-under on hand. The spray does and okay job, but you have to protect the area and hope you don't get the glue where you don't want it to be. I like the idea of the glue stick, and intend to get some tomorrow when I go grocery shopping. Stop & Shop has a mini department store in it, and a good selection of stationery goods, and crayons, pencils and stuff like that, so I hope they have the glue sticks.

Now the only thing left to arrive is the pigma pen set I ordered. Then the postcards will be flying and the post office won't know what hit them!!!!!!!!!!

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