Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Interest!!!

Typical of me, I have done a lot with my screensavers and am now ready to play with something else.


Have done quilting for many years, but it waned in the last year or so. Then my sister invited me to a 'quilt camp', which meant going to a boy scout camp and setting up our sewing machines, etc. and working ONLY on the quilt of my desire. And EATING till we burst. There was a cook there who served us the three meals a day that were real down to earth and delicious meals, and then there were goodies brought by all the ladies........well, you don't think any of us passed up this chance to pig out, do ya!???

It was wonderful fun. New ladies to meet and learn from, new grounds to enjoy, and new or finished quilting to bring home after three days of nothing interupting one's great creativity!!!

So of course, I had to join this quilt guild that she was in, and happily, one of my others sisters did too. So the three of us went to a second 'quilt camp' that even included lessons for brand new techniques. There was even a Quilt Bus that had everything you could possibly need, and lots that you wanted in the way of notions and beautiful material. Got me all fired up to start quilting again. So the screensavers are still there for you to enjoy, but now I want to ramble on a bit about my quilting and what I am learning about it. Feel free to comment and advise.

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