Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sister postcards

So of course after I succeeded in sending and getting back my first postcard, I had to make some for my sisters to keep.
This Teddy bear dancer is for my sis Carolyn who loves her bears. I don't know if you can tell, but there is a sparkly yarn around the edge that gives a very delicate fringe to the card. Hope the post office can handle it!

Apples are the collectors item of my sister Sheila's eye. And she has a very tiny apartment so will appreciate the smallness of her new piece of art, I hope!The dragonfly is a close-up to the full size below...

You can also see I am having a fun time using those fancy stitches on the sewing machine. Thought those little round circles kinda looked like apples in the tree.

Sister Barbara loves yellow and has sunflowers as the kitchen theme in her home. So of course I had to give them a try. I really like this one. It was fun doing the freehand stitching on my machine. I always wanted to try, but haven't been that brave about it. This makes it easy as the project is only 4"by 6", so if I blow it, I can just throw it!!
In the close up, I hope you can tell I used different material for the petals of the flower and had fun trying that blanket stitch on the deep brown middle circle of it. I am really liking these threads of 100% cotton I got from Connecting Threads ( Went to buy some more and found everybody else loved their new line too. You can't get more til July, and a big apology, (and probably very happy faces doing way big orders to the thread makers behind the scenes.--thread makers doing the happy dance!!!)

There we go for today, and more to come tomorrow.

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