Thursday, February 16, 2006

Postcard Quilt Art

Well, I finally got one done! Have been hearing about them, and then saw some great examples, then actually got a blogger account of how to make one. So here is my first try at little postcard-sized quilting.

I love big cats and all animals jungle... so I went for the lion on my first card. I picked up remnants for the fancy materials used. Stuff I could never use in a bed type quilt. A gold shear, a satin with small bits of glitter, and gold threads for accent. That is the fun of these great cards. I sent it to my sister in a nearby town so that she can give it back to me, and I can check out how well it traveled.

The second in my jungle "series"--a zebra and great black and whites. The red is on a very fine black mesh netting I put over the entire card. And the red stitches are a chance to find out what my Janome sewing machine can do with all those fancy settings.

This close-up may show the mesh, but my 63-year old hands aren't as steady as they used to be.
Here is a scenic abstract- kinda!

Anyone out there that wants to swap, please comment and put your email address in the comment. I will get back to you and give you my snail mail addy for a swap. Looking to get one from every state--I'm Connecticut.

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Gail Brown said...

Hi, your post cards are beautiful!