Saturday, October 06, 2012

The REAL Celtic Knot 8

I guess I mis-read the number last week.  This week is number eight and I am giving it a try with a handicap.
 Just got my first eye cataract surgery and can see with one very good eye and one still very bad eye.  They gave me 'reading' glasses to help and they do somewhat.  But I feel off kilter in spite of being ecstatic about seeing soooooooo well out of the new eye.  I won't need glasses after about 65 years of having to wear them all the time. 

In two weeks they do the other eye, and then I hope I will feel more balanced.  I even feel like I am walking akwardly!  

So with all that is my celtic knot.  I used my new color pens and tried for autumn shades.  And I remembered we were supposed to use leaves in the pattern.  I also used some scrapbook pattern paper, as someone else mentioned their use of it and a lightbulb went off. I had some of that stuff and it sounded like a fun idea. 

It is not my best work, but it gave me something to do and a chance to experiment with the new pens and paper.  Hope you like it.


Judy West said...

Very nice work Cat, I like the idea of decorating some of it with fancy papers. Glad to hear you eyesight is on the mend. I can't imagine having eyesight problems and wanting to draw and paint.

Deb J's Angel Doodles said...

Wow Cat! Love the colors! Good luck with the surgeries. :)