Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Got a bad dog bite on left hand Sunday, so typing is curtailed and crafting at a full stop. When the swelling goes down, I can sew again and also try some of the new thingss I am reading about in Fibre and Stitch, my new 'zine.

Meanwhile I am catching up on Blog reading.


Andrea said...

Ow - poor you. Hope you pick up soon. Still - there are plenty of blogs to keep you going. I came on here to get directions for a bag and find myself blog-hopping - lol ! Take care x

blackbearcabin said...

dog bite.....yikes....whose dog? hope it heals quickly!
enjoy lounging with a good book..er..blog in the meantime! :)

Edward Ott said...

ouch. hope you feel better soon. the stuff on your blog looks reallynice.