Sunday, July 06, 2008

Copper Bling

Yup, that's what I call them...I did a four-postcard abstract and then cut them into the four individual cards.
That is a leather chair seat behind them, so you can hardly tell where they start and stop unless you look really close. It's fun trying to keep each one different and yet have an all-over one-piece look at the same time. I loved the foil and it wasn't any more difficult to sew on. I was afraid it might 'shatter' or something. But it went smoothly. Not so much the copper thread - I did have quite a few breaks. I even remembered to change to a metallic needle and loosen up the top tension, but it still decided to snap every so often. I've had other metallics that have been MUCH worse, so it was frustrating but bearable in comparison.

I recently ordered some MistyFuse and other goodies and they just arrived yesterday. Got some different paints to try. Says you can dye with them and I thought it would be nice to do a mini-dye - like for postcard backgrounds. And I ordered a small rotary cutter thinking it was like my little (OLD) one and this one is even smaller!! GOTTA LEARN TO READ THE DETAILS! This is not the first time I ordered something totally different than what I thought I was getting. And I HATE to return things, so it stays, regardless.

I ran out of my old paper-backed fusible doing this cat and two butterflies for a small lap quilt, and then...

...tested the new stuff on a fun cut idea of black and whites on this neat red batik.

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Cat said...

Hi! Your abstract postcards are great - they are like a puzzel.

Thanks for coming by & leaving a comment! In answer to your questions - the penny rug piece is only as thick as 2 pieces of felt so it would be best framed I think. Usually the small penny rugs are just left lying on tables. I listed it on etsy and there is a full size picture there.

Smiles, C