Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zendala in color

Went to work on a neat Zendala template that looked enough like a flower that I went with Autumn flowers and leaves.  It just so happens that the color scheme works great in my kitchen also.  I took a lot more time to do this, as the coloring was just as long and the linework.  But I liked the results and hope to do some more like this.

This is the template I used, and I give thanks to Genevieve Crabe for making it possible.

I also had a chance to finish my last dish in the set I was working on.  It was also a Zendala, but with no color---the pencils don't adhere to the ceramic....lol

And here are the three of them on the wall.  The bottom is getting a lot of window shine coming thru, so you would have to go back in the archives a few days to see the details of that one.

I also took a camera picture of the piece I did the other day when I realized the scanner pic took off the edges of the work.  I'll have to remember to use the camera on larger pieces. Now my work is done and it is time for a good night's sleep so I 'll be ready for the next inspiration.  Oh and yeah, I better do some laundry, as my husband says he is running out of t-shirts.....lol

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