Monday, September 10, 2012

Well I sent that mug through the dishwasher and the strong soap did take some of the ink off the cup.

So now came the time to I fix the design and keep on going all the way around the cup???  That means I will have to hand wash and even then it may fade slowly. 

YEAH, I'm dying to see how it will work and how it will look.  These mugs are that good Pfalstaff  (spell?) stuff that I got bored with.  So now I can make them pretty again and maybe hang them right out in the open under a cabinet????   Hmmm

I love them again!!!

This takes a bit of time and dexterity to get the design on, as you have to turn the cup in all directions to get the pen in a good position for drawing.  But so far it was worth it.  Now for THREE more of them.  The pic above is just ONE in three poses, as I wrapped the design all the way around.

I also finished the 'bag' clips, and decided to make each a single design as opposed to the first one that I tried to squeeze three designs into.  The one strong one is more impressive than the three little ones squished together.

And I had a busy day and actually got a plate decorated!  I loved the idea of putting the designs together to make a picture.  So I used all the tangles that resembled plants in my mind and put together a flower garden.  Again this was a 'dollar' plate so I wouldn't be wasting too much money in my attempts. 

So I think this is my first ZIA!!

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