Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinwheel Challenge

This time I went to see what a whole bunch of folks did with their pinwheels before I tried to do mine.  I was kinda stuck on ideas.  It was such a simple form, and I knew there was more to it, but needed inspiration. WOW did I get it!!!!  I love how people can create such beauty in sooooooo many different ways.  So I borrowed some aspects of the ones I really fell in love with and tried to use the ideas to make mine unique.  Hopefully I did, and no one feels I 'copied' them.  That was not my intention.  Unless you consider copying the highest form of

And just for fun, I tried working with Initials.  Had some letters already cut out from a project years ago.  So I picked my granddaughter's initials and went to work.  It was great fun and now I have to hurry up and do her sisters as well, or there will be fireworks!!!

The top right of the 'w' got messed up so I did the best I could to rescue the design rather than start alllllll over again.  The 'flying flowers' were a recent discovery and I thought they looked better floating than down in the grass.  At the last minute I decided on the little touch of red in the ladybug as Sierra will love having something alive in her pic.


Claire said...

Your pinwheel is great, and having read through your recent posts it seems that you've really caught the tangling bug.
In fact I've been thinking about tangling my mobile phone cover, and you've inspired me to finally do it!

Collectincat said...

I've got the bug bad! My kids are giving me a hard time about tangling everything in sight...
Definatley do that phone and make sure we see pics!!!

kp said...

Hey Collectincat! Your pinwheel is certainly unique. It's just lovely and I really enjoy your use of color. Also, I am from Connecticut too! Nice to meet another local here in blog-land. =) Hope you're having a great day!