Saturday, September 08, 2012

It's a new morning and the paint dried on my glass cutting board project.  Here is the board on a white piece of paper so the pattern will show.
There is also one of the bag clips I mentioned.  Here is a closer shot and the other side of the bag clip

And now for the finished cutting board!!!

I think it looks great, and am encouraged to keep going on with the 'tangle everything' projects!!!

Just for the quilters who might be reading...I have not given that up.  Here is my first ZIA inspired quilt.
I followed a blog idea I found on Pinterest and used fall colors.  I had some silk leaves hanging around that I thought would just finish it off nicely.  I carefully peeled off the plastic 'stem' part and did my own free motion machine embroidery stems to hold them in place and yet leave them somewhat 3 dimensional.  Have to get it posted up to my Etsy account and see what happens.

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