Friday, September 07, 2012

Months later a a few postcards, wall hangings etc. have been done and I am off on an other exciting adventure in crafts--or art--depending on how one looks at it. I am newly addicted to ZENTANGLES.

 Yup, I caught a pinterest zentangle quilt and wondered what that was all about. Weeks later I am in full swing making all the patterns I can possible do on my new tangle cards from the Zentangle website order. Have dried out TWO micron pens and a few of my husband's fine point Sharpies doing patterns on everything I can get my hands on.

You see the pic above??? Had these used but not abused white 'nursey-looking' shoes that just begged to be 'tangled' Here are some more shots of the fun I had with them. Took only a couple days once I got going. And I had about three days of practice on paper before I tackled the shoes.
 Then I went to one of those stores where everything costs ONE dollar and searched for white anythings to tangle on. Found some bag clips like you use to hold your chip bag together and tried the micron pen. It smudged!!! But the Sharpie seems to be holding.

 And I got a glass cutting board that I am tangleing from the back and hope to spray white after, so the black will show. Don't know if that will work..... still in progress.
 Then I tried on a white ceramic mug, and put it in the dishwasher to see if the design will hold, as -heaven forbid- I don't want to HAND wash it after I design it!!!

 I'm one of those folks that loves crafts that decorate my world around me, and especially love it when it works on USEABLE stuff. So stay tuned and watch with me to see what works and what fails in the world of Zentangle for the home and office and yard and anywhere you spend

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