Sunday, April 24, 2005

More Kitty Cat Screensavers.....

Just scanned a couple of great Cat books, and had to choose the best of the rest, to make a reasonable size for a screensaver. They came out quite nicely, and are free.

I'd give you a link, but I have recently decided to have a registration set up for folks who want the screensavers. They are a lot of work, as you may be starting to notice. So even if they are free, I want to know if someone is interested. I may have to upgrade to the paid version, as the limit of 50 people is coming up really fast. Which delights me to no end, but makes a financial investment decision just over the sunrise. I haven't even checked to see what it cost. Every time I put IN money, I get concerned about how much money is coming back at me. If folks aren't willing to part with a mere 6 bucks for all my work, do I really want to put in more money as well as more work???

What do you all think out there? Is anybody out there?

I suppose you could go here and register (free), and let me know you care...

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