Monday, May 02, 2005

Flowers, IT'S SPRING!

Screensavers with flowers seem just the right thing for this month. I found a great book done by a lady who tells you how to take whatever flowers are handy and put them into whatever container looks cool for the moment. She thinks like I think!!!

So I scanned the best photos and then got my PSP tools to work. Had just recently downloaded some new plugin filters for playing with the backgrounds. Many of the shots were tall and skinny pics so I added a nice wide band to them and put in colors and patterns that I hoped enhanced the picture and made it as close to 1024 x 768 as possible. IT'S ANOTHER FREEBIE so maybe you would like to register and get it for yourself to brighten your home or office with beautiful arrangements. will get you to the sign-up page. After I confirm you, you're IN! Now I'm off to do some more tubes to work with another cat screensaver I have in mind. See Ya!


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