Saturday, April 02, 2005

Watch out for EZula screensaver downloads!!!!

I just tried downloading a screensaver yesterday on my brand new computer(so I know it was 'clean' before this)and even said "no" to the programs it wanted to install. I didn't keep the screensaver because it had a trojan virus, and the Ad-Aware program that finds bugs that come in to spy on your computer found 32--- THIRTY-TWO! from just that one attempted download. I'm just so dissapointed in not being able to enjoy these really interesting screensavers I find, when I can't get them direct from the authors site. I hate all the crap that comes with them. I won't screw up my computer just for the pretty pics.

My site is paid for by me, and the screensavers come directly from me, with no added anything!!!

It's frustrating when well-done 'savers are lost to the public or cause trouble for the public because of this added junk.

Sorry, I'm ranting again but I really wanted to see that screensaver.

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