Thursday, January 03, 2013

Dive #2 and more...

I hadn't really expected to have another item with the diva dance pattern in it, but then it seemed to be just the right start for this plate.  Rock and roll made a perfect flower type tangle in the middle and then I just used part of fox trot in four of the points, so there we have it---a second try.

And that wasn't the end of working on plates, either.  I did these two as a 'pair'  and I loved how they turned out on the pearlescent white of the plate with that 'carnival' coloring on the outer edge.

And the last one I finished just today.  A pottery-looking feel to it, so I did a rugged chunky type of tangle on it.  It came out rather golden in the pic, but is more of a terra-cotta color for real.

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Wally the Swamp Rat said...

Hi Cat,
Your plates are really beautiful. Do you fire or seal them in any way? What type of pens do you use?