Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zendala 40 challenge

Wasn't sure where to go with this til I saw Helen's (little lime)heart tangle pattern.  Looked like fun to try that first, not realizing there were SEVEN points to this zendala.   Figured I do every other point and then put another heart-type in the other points.  Well that doesn't work with an odd number so I had to hang in there and put the hearts ALL the way around.  They took some time, but I did like the end results.  And the ribbon-style edging was inspired by Margaret Beauchamp's latest gallery art we got to see this morning.

So thank you fellow tanglers for you inspiration.

I also wanted to share my newest zentangles on a product other than paper...

The round circles are the little feet on these cutting boards/ hot plates.  They won't take the paint, and I was not sure I could put them back on securely if I took them  So they slightly interrupt the design. The design shows because after I do the ink, I spray the back with white.  Because this ink is waterproof, it seems to handle the paint product without bleeding.  

Here is a photo, rather than a scan, to show the size.  They were a bargain at the 'dollar' store and perfect for little cutting jobs.  And for showing off a Zentangle!!!

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