Saturday, December 18, 2010

...Peachy I tried the cola cupcakes with the peaches added, and they came out a little more moist that I think might be right. They tasted fine and I went ahead and tried my hand at frosting them with flowers.

Made my second batch of butter cream frosting with the addition of meringue powder, and it came out MUCH stiffer than I expected, so I had to add more milk, and then my mixer DIED!!!

Yup, the darn thing just stopped dead, and I had to go get the older one that I had put aside for a future tag sale item... thank goodness, it still worked, and it definitely has more staying power than the newer, and apparently cheaper made one.

But the frosting wasn't still quite smooth enough, and I had to take another whack at mixing it more. But I had a small bowl of peach color frosting, and the big white bowlful. So I had twice the work and twice the mess.... I had bits of frosting allllllll over the counters.

And I have now developed a tremendous yearning for a STAND MIXER --- but the cost,,,ouch!!

Saw a nice black Kitchen Aid one for $299...that's three hundred dollars!!! Do I invest that much before I know whether this is going to be worth doing?? I expect I have already spent a hundred fifty or so on all the little tools and stuff needed.

They were real fun to make tho...hmmmmm

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