Monday, December 27, 2010

2-day projects, a HABIT?

So much for making a few cupcakes in red velvet and then working on a little 6-inch cake!!! The first try came out HEAAAAAAVY, and very pinky red. We tasted them and they were eatable, but so very moist in the middle and so darned heavy. A decision had to be made- keep going and make the frosting, ---or dump the whole batch, go find another recipe and try again...

I can't believe I was able to get myself to throw away all that hard work,---but I did it. And decided to do a cake full size according to what the recipe asked. Two 8 inch layers. I had already made a raspberry filling for the first batch and now I can use it in the layers, to torte it.

Went to make the next cake and lo and behold!!! I reached for the baking soda container and realized it was the CORNSTARCH!!! That explained the brick cupcakes!

That actually made me feel much more hopeful for this next cake...Which came out a deeper red color and smelled and felt better when I took them from the oven.

So I torted them with my new cake leveler,and filled the layers and put on that rough coat of frosting to keep the crumbs under control.

And now it is the next day- day 2- and I will put the cream cheese frosting together and try to make this cake pretty. Pics to follow later...

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