Saturday, December 25, 2010

2- day cookies!

Sugar cookies are not supposed to be a two day project!!! But these managed to take that long because I was trying new techniques. Made the dough and then refrigerated. MORE than 3 hours later I tried rolling out the first half. It said 1/8th inch thick, so I thought okay realllllly thin and delicate. Well that doesn't work with a small cookie and sure doesn't work with a large snowflake cookie with cut-out holes!!

So I smooshed it all back together and put it back in the fridge. Took the other half and went to work on a thicker roll out. THIS was much better. So I cut and baked the whole batch and went looking for that simple glaze recipe I thought I had.

Grrrrr. I couldn't find it anywhere and my internet connection decided to DIS- connect for a while. When my husband got it working again, it was so late I only managed to find another online, and then I went to bed.

Next day I made the glaze and put some on white, and then added blue to do some more and then added lots more blue for a different shade. The yellowish tone of the cookie made the first blue kinda turquoise. So I used up all the store-bought liquid food color that I had on hand before I discovered the new stronger Gels.

Then, of course there was all the individual icing for the designs.

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