Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Where to go for graphic help to improve 'savers...

I had my Paint Shop Pro to work with but not enought knowledge to put all those tools to a good use for my website. And now that I wanted to make screensavers, I needed to learn all the tricks even more so.

I had been in a Quilt forum and had a lot of fun with that, so I figured there must be forums that specifically work with graphics for websets, and images. I had been downloading other websets to make my pages at my website on Geocities and I really wanted to make my very own. But how to do all those frames and layers and placement of color, etc. So I poked around and found the Circle of Style Webring and the forum that went with it. It isn't there anymore, sad to say. It must have broken up sometime after I had left it. (Think they missed me??) But the ladies involved in that ring were soooooo smart and so willing to share anything they could. I learned tons of info and went to work improving my skills. I suggest going to any webring site and put in the word 'graphics', or "paint shop pro' or 'photoshop' and find a site that appeals to you. Most people involved in this are very friendly and helpful, as all creative people seem to be.

This was about the same timing for purchasing a digital camera. What great fun that was!!! So my skills are much better and my image collections are improving tremendously with the digital. I'm getting closer to being able to produce pics that are abundant enough and good enough to put together those collections I mentioned before.

Now I go scouting for others like me to see how they handle their web pages, and what they have chosen for their pic collections, and how they price them. More fun, as I try out many, many screensaver samples. I learn what I like and don't like, and hope I can make ones that others will feel the same liking for.

One of the sites I remember was Lady Dove Screensavers I just downloaded one today to see whether her 'savers were still "clean" with no other programs tagging along. Good for her---they were clean as a whistle, and still very pretty. She chooses to make the Java type, which are usually only one picture but with animations of some type going on. Obviously, I usually prefer the ones with many pics, as I love variety. But a beautiful tiger drinking at a pond was tooo tempting to pass up. Lovely!

I also found a new site (to me) called Appleblossom Art She makes some gorgeous fractal type and she gives them away in hopes that we will donate to her health cause. Go check it out, if you have a few minutes.

Have some fun and go find yourself a nice new screensaver. There are thousands to choose from, but maybe you could try one of mine among all those others. The link is right over to the left. Have a great time looking for something of beauty.

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