Monday, March 07, 2005

A mini-rant on screensaver 'extras'

I've been very dissapointed lately when I attempt to download a free screensaver to find I have to 'uncheck' for two or three other goodies they want me to have. I don't want them and I resent being forced to take them in some of the downloads. I find myself exiting without finishing the download. And I go for the personally made types of 'savers from people just like me. Not the professional flashy movie stars, sports, etc. (I assume they have the extra junk added, also) I guess they feel they can't afford to give away the 'savers.

I give away samples to encourage people to buy the whole product. I don't want to aggrivate them with commercials and tools for my browser, and things "you just can't live without".

If I am not downloading these 'savers with the bonus goodies, does that mean there are a lot of other folks doing the same thing?

If you are the designer of that 'saver, you are loosing me as a customer????

Even if you are giving them away for no gain, you are loosing a chance to show off your work if I, as a customer, refuse to download the garbage attached to your pretty 'saver.

If you are new to this endeavor, please try to find a way to avoid these gimmicks being added to your 'savers. If you already have this happenning--KNOW THIS


Now I'll get off my soapbox and get back to work. Thanks for listening.

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