Sunday, March 06, 2005

Don't think I made it to my screensaver site...

Couldn't seem to get it just right, so I'm back at Gotta get some pro help on just exactly what to call the paths to my site. Bummmmmmer!!!!!

So how are you all today? Hope your day is going a bit better than mine. It's at least showing some sun out there, but it is sparkling off that darned SNOW still!

Got a really cute pic of a red squirrel popping his head ouf the snow bank in front of our slider door. It was taken through the glass so it isn't the greatest for clarity, but the little buggers are very skitterish if you so much as touch the door to open it.

I chopped it down to size and did the best I could to clarify, but couldn't really get that super orangey-red color to show properly. Also, he is facing me, which is the lighter side of his fur. But he looks so cute that I know he will end up in one of my new screensavers. It may be in a winter one, or in a nature's critters one, or some different collection that I haven't even thought of...yet. Now I'm off to Flickr to get the picture over here. See ya...

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