Saturday, March 05, 2005

Screensavers from snapshots?- Professional?

Well, of course you can make professional-looking screensavers from snapshots. As you can see though, from my last post, you do need to do a little work with them. I didn't have a digital camera at first, so for Collectin Cat Screensavers, the work was a little harder. Scanning a photo gives a lot less clear pic to work with. So you make it clearer in Paint Shop Pro, and you cut out the un-interesting background stuff, -or smudge it over -or clone good parts of the pic into the not so great parts. You can even totally change the background. Make new and different fantasy backgrounds for ordinary subject.

I don't want to give lessons in cleaning up the pics involved, as this would be terribly time-consuming and many have already done so with great tutorials on all the different aspects of 'painting' with your computer. Go to the Paint Shop Pro home page, or the PhotoShop one. Get yourself a decent paint program for a million other things besides screensavers. If you are at all creative, but a bit clumsy with the 'real' thing, using the computer programs available to create is the perfect answer. It is so much NEATER that doing it yourself at home.

Know that you can do fun and creative things with your computer, not just surf the web for viewing other's work.

What have you tried with your computer tools?

Do you have photos you would love to organize and show off?

Post a comment, let me know, share the info with the rest of the blog community!!

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